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This article on Houston’s most indispensable restaurants is the most impeccable way to respond to a query that most people love asking: What's for dinner? Consider “good dining” and what springs to mind? Personally, this is something to contemplate.

To have a decent dining joint in Houston, a restaurant must offer some level of attention to details in entirety starting from the valet, preliminary reception to the whole dining involvement. It goes well past just offering cuisine of a higher class to similarly include a great level of service, a top-notch kind of atmosphere favorable to the entire experience. Below is a look at some of the great restaurants in Houston, Texas. I’ve classified them.

High-End Restaurants

As a yardstick, eateries with entrees estimated at $21 and beyond are incorporated in this list of high-end restaurants.


The esteemed Tony’s is a palpable pick for this list, however, nominated sous-chef Grant Gordon is the main component within an “entire team” approach highlighting balance in each dish. With a sampling menu that varies constantly, I’m called to mind that this isn’t the Tony’s of the olden days.

Ponder the Cappelletti — and crunchy chicken skin. Service here is flawless and the environment is exactly what you’d anticipate by means of lighting and all other details.

The proprietor Tony Vallone teaches fine dining at Conrad Hilton College of Restaurant Management. He articulates that, fine or great dining is a blend of technique, product, and conveyance with the common factor being quality.


Chef German Mosquera instigated a commotion at Roots Bistro once it initially opened (well prior to its ill-fated closure). The celebrated Fondren mansion constructed in 1923 turned into a boutique restaurant La Colombe d’Or offers an absolutely dramatic environment for Mosquera to achieve his potential.

Dishes such as fresh chorizo sated dates with triple cucumber salad, black garlic, or steamed goat (from adjacent Black Hill Ranch) are served out with squash blossoms, “garlic butter froth” and baby arugula. This turns diners abuzz. Moreover, the daily sampling menu, with Mosquera’s motivated and frequently daring picks makes Cinq worth visiting.

Mid-End Restaurants

When enjoying quiet time in the company of a friend, everybody needs places that are classic and intimate. Outstanding service and negligible dining disruptions are a must.

Most restaurants in this category are longtime Houston masterpieces that have their schedules down. There is no wavering or testing—such are dedicated and acquainted with providing an outstanding experience. A couple of relative newbies on the landscape have happily offered Houston some more contemporary options on where to trigger some flames.

Backstreet Café, Shepherd

Once the weather is favorable, Houston's eatery patios chant their siren melodies. This one at the ancient home located near Backstreet Café has bubbling fountains (regularly with a couple of birds splashing in them), patio canopies and enormous trees overhead. It is as attractive in the night as it is all through the day creating a hideaway from the lively streets outside the door.

Le Mistral, Eldridge

This joint is among of the finest dinner splurges: reserve the Sous-chef's Table at Mistral. It's situated in a secluded room away from the kitchen where the chef and his staff prepare guests French meals precisely to their tastes. You may not want to venture into a private dining, but a meal of baked duck breast and foie gras offers a great chance of whetting your appetite.

Spindletop Hyatt Regency, Louisiana

In case you’ve not been to Spindletop, it's time you visited this rotating eatery not just for the spectacular view of downtown. Spindletop’s menu has a Texan bent to it, introducing vegetable soup with foodstuffs obtained from Atkinson Farmstead and Baked Mahi Mahi and Mesquite-Smoked Potatoes as well as Texas Grapefruit Sauce. However, yeah, the view will as well leave you breathless.

Brennan's Houston, 3300 Smith

This Creole restaurant might have advanced from the unusual Brennan's located in New Orleans; however, it is a cherished part of Houston's awareness. Whether you’re delighting in the renowned Soups or tasting some of the countless reasonably-priced beverages, it's not difficult to be spoilt for choice here. In case you've never believed Indian food is superb, you'd better rethink again.

Budget Restaurants


It might offer an animated party atmosphere, however Christian's Tailgate means business in regards to burgers. Visit Midtown before twelve midnight for ground-chuck patties laden on six-inch bread rolls, grilled crispy along the edges and crowned with mayo, mustard, onions, tomatoes, pickles and finely shred lettuce.

Crepes might be the key claim-to-fame at Midtown's Coffee and Crepes; however visitors can also anticipate espresso-infused juices, smoothies, teas and a selection of solid panini. Take a seat indoors or at the patio and treat yourself to a crepe or create yours from a wide range of choices such as roasted red peppers, basil pesto, and numerous others.


We’re all aware that, eating a burger below a freeway does not sound awfully appealing, however, trust me, Bubba's TexasBurger is worth visiting. Situated in a threadbare shack below the Westpark Tollway, faithful customers flock for chilled jalapeno-tinged salad as well as buffalo burgers. Get it on-the-go or take a seat on the patio and suck up the spectacular view at Westpark Drive.

For a bacon-and-eggs banquet from a cook room that treats mealtime with sheer significance, Buffalo Grille is a must go. You'll have to queue to order breakfast, so get there early. The eatery is famous for its huge pancakes, the apparently boundless list of egg banquets and pecan-baked bacon, as well as dinner and lunch options.