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Commonly referred as the “Lone Star State”, Texas features numerous natural and artificial attractions that make it a historic powerhouse. Houston specifically has remained the historic center of Texas for over a century. It was the first capital of Texas and the earliest national bank was started here. Amazing. Right?

Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States, houses numerous landmarks that are of cultural and historic importance. Most of the buildings in an around the town center have stood for over a century and still remain important landmarks that define the city.

Geographically, it's positioning in the south offers a wide range of landscapes, ranging from desert regions to mountains, valleys, and the superb coastal scenery. Though it is an extensive city, there are numerous spaces to engage in outdoor activities with the famous Buffalo Bayou running through the city. So, let’s look into 7 famous landmarks in Houston, Texas.

Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is a huge complex which features the space shuttle replication as well as a mounted shuttle carrier aircraft. There is also a replica of America’s pioneer space station in the visitor center. This is the ideal place to keep tabs on NASA’s forthcoming missions. Actually, a visit on Friday would guarantee you meeting an astronaut as they do presentations between 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Apart from the visitor center, there’s the Johnson Space Center which is the official training space for astronauts. From here, you can also visit the Rocket Park where you will see rockets on display. The NASA’s Space Center Houston Tour includes admission to the space center and an extra open air bus tour of the city.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Set on a 160-acre space, the Buffalo Bayou Park is one of Houston’s natural green spaces that you can enjoy while in the city. The park runs through the city and has magnificent slow-moving waters at its centerpiece. Buffalo Bayou Park houses a dog park, biking trails as well as plenty of areas to relax.

There are rental Kayaks and canoes that are available for you to enjoy the great outdoor waters in the park as you paddle along the bayou. The park also houses a huge number of Mexican free-tailed bats in the Waugh Drive Bridge.

Galleria Mall

This classy shopping mall is centrally located in Houston’s Uptown District. This gigantic shopping complex is set at 2.4 million square feet of space and has over 400 stores. The Galleria Mall mainly houses upscale brands such as Giorgio Amani, Gucci, Chanel, and Burberry. However, if those stores are out of your pocket range, you can look out for brands such as Forever 21 and Gap.

Other than the retail stores, this amazing mall houses more than 40 restaurants and other dining joints. Considering the mall is extensive, wear comfortable shoes whenever you plan to go shopping as you will do a lot of walking.

The mall which is located off Interstate 610 southwest of Memorial Park runs from Monday through to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm and 11 am to 7 pm on Sundays.

Houston's Art Car Museum

Commonly known as “Garage Mahal”, the Art Car Museum is filled with opulently painted vehicles. The museum houses numerous cars ranging from the low riders to the race cars and police wagons. The cars are either painted, decorated or fitted with some sophisticated art installations. Other than the lavishly decorated cars, the Museum also has rotating photography and monumental exhibitions.

The Museum has a few cars that are decorated and painted magnificently which makes the place worth a visit. However, if you’re interested in seeing a wider variety of amazingly ornamented cars, you can visit during the Art Car Parade held in April.

The Garage Mahal is open Wednesday through to Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm and admission is free.

Gerald D. Hines Water Wall

The Gerald D. Hines Water wall is located in a 2.77-acre of green space in Uptown Houston. It portrays a remarkable multi-story fountain that has water falling over the concrete walls. The 64 feet circular tower is adjoined by a huge arch and about 46,500 square feet of water.

This impressive landmark is one that is distinctive to Houston and one that is worth a visit.

To sum it up, the city of Houston has a lot of historical and cultural importance. Its geographical positioning in the South provides it with varying ecological regions with varying landscapes. Ranging from the Space Center of Houston, the Galleria mall, the Bayou Park, the Art Car Museum and the Gerald D. Hines water wall, the city has amazing natural and artificial landmarks that are worth a visit.