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Deck Building Service for the Greater Houston Area

Poolside Deck

Backyard Decks - Custom Spaces for You to Enjoy Year Round

  • Create a space for your family to relax in your yard
  • Custom decks can provide you with that look you’re going for
  • Work with decking professionals to ensure the best outcome

The backyard serves as your own personal playground. That might translate into BBQs on a Sunday afternoon, an area for the kids to play hide-and-seek, or simply a deck to relax on after your long day at work. Working with the top-rated contractors in the Houston area, you can be sure that your custom living space will not only meet your needs but look great as well. Open up your backyard year round with a new deck.

Outdoor Decks - Make the Best of Your Land

  • Installing a patio deck opens up opportunities for outdoor activities
  • Big yard, small yard, no problem for experts
  • Start exploring professional installation services today

American kids are spending too much time indoors these days. While parks are a great option, they’re not always right around the corner from your home. That’s when building a deck outside can provide some much need outside space. With a great space to get out and play, you’re kids will have one less reason to lounge around all day. Encourage them to get outside and sweat a little.

Wood Decks - The Premier Material for Use in Decking

  • Tough and stands up to the weather
  • Sustainable material when you work with the best installers
  • Give your home extension an elegant and natural look

One of the traditional and still most sought after materials for decking is wood. While there are other materials on the market, the natural option found in carefully harvest trees provides both beautiful and toughness. Care for your deck properly and it could easily last a decade or more. That is particularly the case if you choose exotic hardwoods like ipe or tiger wood. These hardwoods can last up to 30 years under even the roughest conditions.