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Carport and Pergola Building Service for the Greater Houston Area

Wooden Carport

Wood Carports - Protects Your Vehicles from the Elements

  • More aesthetically appealing the metal option
  • Easier to expand should you add more cars
  • Work with the best professionals in the business

Whether your drive the latest luxury car or a ten year old sedan, allowing your car to sit in the elements eventually leads to problems down the road. You want to get as much as possible when you resale your car, so make the smart move and install a little protection in the form of a carport. If you choose to work with wood, you can go beyond the drab, old, boring everyday structures of metal. You can make your new vehicle protection system look good as well. Form and function in the same place.

Garden Pergolas - The Best Option for Those Who Love Their Horticulture

  • Decorative flair to make your garden pop
  • Constructed with on the best materials
  • Designed and built perfectly to your specifications

You spend hours cultivate your flowers and plants to perfection. With a garden pergola, you can take time, kick back, and enjoy your handiwork. Because of the open-top nature of pergolas, you can also weave vines through them to take your horticulturists craft to the next level. You can also kick up the romance a notch and fall in love with your special someone all over again.

Dining Pergolas - Become the Dinner Hosts of the Block

  • Great for hosting the perfect outdoor dinner party
  • Provides extra space for adding lights
  • Adds that something more that your backyard has been missing

Whether you prefer to host family, friends, or neighbors, it always adds a little sparkle when you host them outside. The wood used in construction not only looks great but creates a sturdy structure. Your dinner guests will be impressed with the space and look forward to coming back again. While our partnered contractors can provide you with the space, they can’t help you with the cooking.