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Fig orchards, rice fields and Satsuma orange orchards once thrived where Friendswood households now stand. Their final remnants as well as the houses that the Quakers built are virtually gone; however the heritage left by those forefathers and initial colonizers remains. That heritage is the legacy of a lifestyle that did a lot to forge the personality of the society than any mortar and brick buildings ever could.

In 1895 a Quaker known as Frank Jacob, who was a venturesome buffalo hunter, and Thomas Hadley, a college cultured man, felt obliged to visit this region of the Coast to institute a society devoted to God. Instigating Quaker settlements was a normal exercise of the sect known as Friends or Quakers, since they were a component of the westward trend across the country in the mid and late 1800s. (The tags Friends and Quaker are identical.)

Education is vital for every successful society. Friendswood is located within two main school districts--Friendswood ISD and Clear Creek ISD. Individually, they are categorized among the top in Texas. A number of community colleges, outstanding universities and higher level graduate institutes are close by.

Transportation is well established with air, road and rail simply reachable. Friendswood highways comprise IH 45, FM 528, Texas Highway 35, FM 2351 and FM 518. The resident Clover Airport offers a 4,300 ft. solid surface lit general aviation landing field with gas service. Houston's Hobby Airport, aided by 8 carriers, is situated 15 miles north. Ellington Field is 5 miles eastwards and functions as an overall aviation reliever. It is used as a cargo park. Rail service is expediently offered in nearby cities by four key railway firms.

Schools In Friendswood

Friendswood Autonomous School District was instituted on December 1948. It covers 15 sq. miles and neighbors Pearland, Alvin as well as Clear Creek school localities.

A Quaker legacy that fixated on schools, church and family still remains a lifestyle for the Friendswood society. It also carry’s on to forge the personality of the region. Learning is a major priority besides Friendswood ISD being prizewinning district with exceptional faculty, staff and wonderful community involvement.

FISD remains to be acknowledged in the region and in the whole state for exam scores and responsibility assessments. Its Academic Decathlon Squad is recognized countrywide and has close to a decade of successive State championships. Friendswood FISD was titled the fifth most proficient Texas School by the Texas Commerce Federation. Friendswood High was titled 1 of 13 Best Schools in Texas and 1 of 10 Best High Schools in Houston. The Orchestra, Drama and Choir Sections have been endowed with excellent honors yearly.

FISD has advanced and introduced a pre-engineering package that brings on board both the junior high and high school. Partnerships with NASA founded business programs continue enriching the inventive, arduous academic packages. Games in FISD are tough and competitive statewide. Brilliance is not just a melody for the region but a certainty for its scholars.